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Sour Corn Hog Bait

Here is how I make it... I have trapped hundreds of hogs in a years time...
50# bag of whole corn
50# bag of crushed corn
2-3 packs of yeast
Big Blue Plastic Barrel
Put the 2 bags of corn in the barrel poured so it is kind of mixed up. Add 2-3 envelopes of yeast or more. Fill with well or pond/creek water (NO CHEMICALS) make sure you have enuff water so when the corn swells it won't be above the water. loosely cover and let sit for 7-14 days... (It ain't moonshine until you distill it... )
I scoop it out with a large restaurant sauce pan with long handle. Haul it in 5 gallon buckets... USE THE WATER/JUICE I sling it up in the foliage as the scent will "waft" great distance in a hurry.
Some folks add raw eggs (a couple dozen:barf and other nasty stuff I care not to inhale...
Good luck and happy hunting... If it is illegal to hunt over bait place it near the rooting and shoot them when they are enroute to it from a legal distance.
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