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I think it depends on the place, time and issues.

I watched the video and resolved that if, God forbid, I am involved in a self-defense situation I will, at the scene, decline to make a statement. The emotional load will be too high, I expect, to be real coherent, and that is a danger through omission, commison or self-inflicted words which can be twisted, even in all innocence by others.

I lived 29 years with my ex, and at the end I was questioning what was real, what wasn't and what was on her mind. Now, that is about as close as two people can get, and to be so confused...well, 10 minutes with a cop...he could easily take a peculiarity of how I express myself the wrong way...and we haven't slept together or had kids, blah, blah.

As they say "...can and will be used against you...". Sort of excludes exculpatory statements. Cops are faillaible, they're human. Best not to bet on it if you shouldn't.

A traffic stop is pretty easy, being fairly law-abiding except for speed limits-not much to hide or say.
Loyalty to petrified opinions never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul in this world — and never will.
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