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Well.... been an interesting read through this thread to say the least. And everyone has different opinions.... preventive... defensive... offensive.... etc. That's what makes it great! A thief is a thief. If reasonable measures have been taken to prevent and someone still makes the choice to break the law, so be it. I'm not sure elsewhere, but even the 'sic the dog on them' theory is apt to land you in court.
As for kids.... the earlier they learn the better. In the last 3 weeks we have had TWO pull out a BBGun (one that is the spittin image of a 1911 and the other a 92F) while out. They were within a second or two of being shot when they finally dropped the weapon. There have also been other 'kids' carted off in handcuffs for the real deal. It tears at me that the kids of America have come to this point. Do I blame the kids? No. I blame the parents in the majority of cases. But you can't afford to just cut them loose due to any circumstances.
Solution? Each has to make his or her own choice. Hmmm.... if the thief is willing to risk going to jail.... they just MIGHT have a weapon that when confronted you'd have to defend against. Or.... they MIGHT trip and fall while running... spilling gas everywhere and then a small spark MIGHT set the whole thing off. Maybe a car tag will be grabbed and phoned to local authorities, or sugar-water stolen (hope they don't get vengeful on you!).

The courts aren't what they use to be. Good Luck with whatever decision you make. And thanks for all the good reads.
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