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"I would say the police would NOT be right to TAZE the protester 2x's after beeing subdued. In the case of this left winger, I would also say the police are not right in TAZING the protestor 2x's after being subdued."
Well, but the police don't consider someone to be subdued until they are handcuffed. That is the point when officers can begin to feel safe and be more relaxed. And a person is not considered to be handcuffed until BOTH hands are cuffed.

And there has been nothing stated to suggest that either this suspect, or the Florida University student, were tased after they were successfully handcuffed.

If one is resisting being handcuffed, then you are actively resisting arrest, and thus committing a crime.

The smart thing for people to do is to cooperate with officers when they arrest you.

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