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yeah, I have gawkers all the time when I shoot my higher end or unique guns (i.e. surgeon rifle, schutzen rifles, encore and contender big bore pistol setups, etc...) but i always polietely tell them this

" Sure you can shoot my guns when you come back with a 100% cash deposit for the gun." (My surgeon rifle is a little over 5k just for the gun without scope, etc... and some of my schutzen rifles and carbines are over 110 years old and irreplaceable).

Only guy I have let shoot my rifles is a neighbor who I know would replace them if he messed them up and he is an even more safety conscience shooter than I.

One thing to think about is if you let someone shoot your gun and they hurt themself or others they might come after you legally or monetarily for damages in today's sue everybody mentatlity.

Me, it is easier to just give them my cash deposit speech and they walk away.
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