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Just the other day I said something one here about people stealing gas in our neighborhood; funny how these posts come up on here...LOL But seriously, with gasoline getting close to $4 a gallon and diesel over that, we can only hope that there's no natural disaster in the Gulf this year, or we will be seeing gas going up to $7-10 a gallon. Remeber Katrina? It upped the price of gas 30-40% in some areas.

The thing about locking gas caps around here, is that the thiefs are smart, they just go right for the filler neck with a hack saw, or as someone said earlier just drill a hole in the tank. My father has lost two full tanks of gas just within the past 3 months. But whether or not deadly force should be used to protect your property is a conumdrum, but with the rising price of gas and fuels it will easiliy become a felony crime just to even think of stealing it. And just as someone stated earlier the judicial system works for the criminals nowadays, so you can only imagine the field day they would have with Average Joe American taking out a 'gas thief' for stealing a tank full of gas.

The thing about being an American with a SD weapon is to know what situations warrant the use of deadly force, but theft of my hard earned cash and/or property clouds my judgement just a little...
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