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My take on using handgun sights...

Before I start I just want to assure everyone i'm not going to start the whole point shooting v aimed fire thing. This is just my opinion.

I utilize sights in all my training at all distances ( except contact out to a couple of metres ). I tend to draw the pistol straight up to the natural limit of my shoulders movement then rotate the wrist thru 90 degrees and take a final firing grip close to the body. As I push pistol towards target I try to swap focus from target to front sight in the last quarter or so of the presentation to get a flash sight picture and fire.

I personally am a believer in sighted fire but I think that with the way I present the gun even if I can't see the sights in a real encounter the fact that the gun basically tracks straight past my eye out to the target would give me a very good " point " anyway. I recall Clint Smith saying something to the effect that you should train to use the sights and if you can see them during a confrontation then good and if you can't well that's life. Again these are just my thoughts and I haven't posted in a while ( And this was the best I could come up with ). Any thoughts/comments ?.
" An interesting little toy but of no real value in warfare " - British general after being shown the new maxim gun.
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