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Quoted from the article:

Because of his associations with Col. Cooper and Gunsite (Louis was Chief Rangemaster at the original Gunsite), you might be surprised at how he almost scorns single-stack guns (e.g. stock 1911s) when a double-stack gun can be had. Though his primary gun is a double-stack 1911, he's comfortable with plastic as well, highly esteeming the Springfield XD.

Q: Let's shift gears a little and talk about carry guns. Most people who carry guns seem to change their carry choice over time. Tell me about your various carry gun choices over your lifetime, over some forty-five years of carrying.

LA: I've never changed my primary gun system, except to go to a bigger capacity magazine, in forty-five years. Never.

Q: So what is it?

LA: It's John Browning. John Browning, stock. Does that mean it's the best? No. Do I think the Springfield XD is going to make a great gun? Yeah. But, I've never changed. All I've ever carried, as a primary pistol was a Colt, a Hi-Power Browning, or a double-stack .45. I've never changed that, the primary pistol.

Q: How about secondary?

LA: Secondary has changed because of changing a 5-shot .44 Special for an 11-shot 9mm of the same physical size, or something like. That's the way it is. The other one has never changed.

Q: So what have you gone through for a secondary?

LA: 5-shot… [in the] old days, .38 Special, Smith [& Wesson]. Then I went to a .44 Special Charter Arms. Then, Glock 26, or Kel-Tec P3AT, dependant on circumstances. As a secondary. Lately, Springfield XD is looking a lot better. I may be switching the Glock 26 for a sub-compact 9mm from Springfield. Maybe. That's all.
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