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According to the article, the protester was already handcuffed and on the ground and clearly subdued by 4 police officers BEFORE he was TAZED 2x's.
I'm afraid that your statement here is totally false, unless you want to also claim that the police are lying about what happened.

If you look back at the first news report that I linked to, police say that they only had ONE hand of the man handcuffed, and the protester was wildly swinging his other arm, when they tased him.

Do you also believe that University of Florida student Andrew Meyer did not deserve to be tased by the University police? He was in the same exact situation, with many officers on top him, who were struggling to get him handcuffed.

A total of 6 officers were unable to subdue Meyer, before they tased him:

And when that case was reviewed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, it was determined to not have been any abuse of power by the officers to have tased him. Here is a link to the report:

Meyer agreed to write letters of apology regarding his actions to everyone concerned, in exchange for all criminal charges against him being dropped. He is now back as a student at the University. See this article for details:

The University of Florida Police actually showed restraint in the Meyer case. For they had a taser on him at the very start of the arrest, as you can see here in this photo:

They only tased him after he REPEATEDLY refused to obey their instructions and struggled with numerous officers while fighting them all the way to the back end of the auditorium.

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