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The question is, with a man inside your car (leaning inside) and threatening you for your money, life, when is the appropriate time to defend yourself?

This is from the original post, Inside your car and Threatening you for your money, life.

Then in a more recent post you asked.

For all those who recommend shooting, please let me know the legal prescedence for shooting a guy leaning in your window asking for money.
Notice anything missing?

As I stated before this would be an appropriate time to defend yourself. No one can make that call for you, but defending yourself in this moment is not shooting first and asking questions later, it is defending yourself plain and simple. State laws will vary on when to use deadly force which causes a lot of internet confusion, and is a big reason you get differing opinions. Some of us live in more free states and are allowed to exercise our God given right to defend ourselves and loved ones. Remember the onus is on the BG, that is the root of the problem. BGs take their own lives into their own hands when they decide to commit an offense on a fellow human being.
Assuming all is true here, replay it in your head, this time put a gun in the guys hand and you don't shoot. Is not shooting still the right move? There is not a right or wrong answer it is a personal decision.
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