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Yeah...there's a judgement call... and I too have seen firsthand some difficult situations in trying to subdue someone...and have written a few incident reports. I remember a situation years ago when I was helping escort someone to another wing of the building<an institutional building>when the person in custody<who was high as a kite and crazy>suddenly smacked the security guard in the back of the head. The security guard whirled around and reflexively smaked the person back in the face with his fist. I couldn't blame him ie. it was instinctual and reflexive, but it went waaaay against policy and there were many many witnesses. Had to be written up and the security guard lost his job. I've had an 'ugly perp' walk up to me and spit at me<he missed becaused I ducked well in the nick of time>but it's up to me to be the one who keeps cool.Like Barney Fife once said after a lesson from Andy: 'This badge just doesn't represent me; it represent the people...'

Personally, I don't like TAZERS, but it's not the tazer's fault; they're just so easy to misuse. If used properly, the tazer is a good thing to have...but there are some folks who seem to want an excuse to use one...and when 'group think' kicks in ,it seems the tazer gets used a bit too much... It's
a judgement call, but when the alleged already down and handcuffed,
that's not the time to start tazing him. It's almost as if the tazer becomes a kind of psychological validation for having taken the person down. Ya see we had to even taze him! Unfortunately, witnesses and cameras might tell another story.

What disturbs me though is that some folks seem to think a firearm was needed to handle the situation. :barf:
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