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So, lots of questions on how I got to a CCW situation.

If I were able to aviod it...probably would have.

Here are the details.

Left resteraunt at T- 2 minutes.

Drove through empty downtown for one minute.

at T- 30 seconds, made a turn into unexpected RIOT situation with windows down.

at T-20 secons, street person jumped into window (now surrounded by 1+ thousand roiters).

In retrospect, wouldn't have been in ATL that weekend.

Having been in ATL and seeing that, drew pistol @ T-20 seconds.

2 seconds later, guy jumped through open window.

had gun drawn at T-20.

@ T-18, guy is leaning inside car.

Threat made him leave.

For all those who recommend shooting, please let me know the legal prescedence for shooting a guy leaning in your window asking for money.

I have gotten lots of good replies, but a lot are shoot first, ask questions later.

Having taken lethal force before, not sure if this was justified in GA.

Any legit comments on GA law/cases. ?

It worked out NOT shooting here. If it had not worked out, would this be a justified shoot under law? Again, when is the APPROPRIATE time to shoot?

What if's aside?
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