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According to the article, the protester was already handcuffed and on the ground and clearly subdued by 4 police officers BEFORE he was TAZED 2x's.

According to the article, the protester was clearly wearing a 'mock' exterminators outfit...and only claimed he was spraying 'poison' AFTER the confrontation with police... It wasn't poison and it wasn't presumed to be poison...and in the role of was 'MOCK POISON.'
Poison wasn't the 'issue' inasmuch the 'confrontation' became the escalating issue...

If the protester was a right winger screaming in front of some clinic...
and resisting arrest, I would say the police would NOT be right to TAZE the
protester 2x's after beeing subdued. In the case of this left winger, I would also say the police are not right in TAZING the protestor 2x's after being subdued.

This is not a situation where you want to use a firearm. TAZERS are frequently misused. I think part of the problem is that because TAZERS are deemed nonlethal, some police tend to use them a bit too recklessly and hotheadedly without the same restraint or respect they might otherwise
show when using a fiream.

Not all police officers are good people, and not all protesters are good people. It could be a case of 4 below average police officers abusing a below average protester. Chose sides if you like, but no matter what side you chose, the use of a TAZER after someone is already subdued - is wrong no matter what the protester might have said or even alleged to have done.
Start recklessly tazing people at protests, and you will soon have a riots instead of protests.

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