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I'd have shot him. My "Do Not Cross" line in that situation is my car. You touch it (with violence) and I have a reasonable expectation that my life is in danger, or you are trying to steal my property - either is reasonable use of deadly force here in Texas. You threatened him, but didn't pull the trigger. You have to ask yourself if you have the inner fortitude to pull the trigger if it ever comes to that. From that scenario, it appears that you don't. If you don't, you really have no reason to carry a gun.

+1 Gotta love Texas...if he was inside or trying to get inside my truck...I would have shot.
+1 I agree "DOA" if your willing to jump into someones car while ther in it then you must be prepared to do violence. My wife and son are most likely gonna be with me and if not for my self i would have shot just to protect them. I was once told that " A gun is not an intimidation factor, Never NEVER draw your weapon unless you intend to shoot, a gun has no place in a fist fight." In texas we can do that though im not sure about any other states.
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