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Not suggesting carrying the biggest of the big just a caliber capable of smashing bones and causing massive blood loss.
Sigh. So much for "David, I'm not going to go round and round with you." But that aside, yes you are. That is exactly what "If I'm gonna carry for the unlikely I might as well be ready with the biggest and best that I can conceal and control" seems to indicate. Either you want to be ready with the "biggest and best" or you will settle for smaller. Seems you are contradicting yourself now.
Considering the difficulty of getting combat hits on a moving fighting target, under the duress of a gun fight, one cannot assume with any degree of certainty a hit to the brain or upper spinal cord. Mouse gun calibers simply do not have the penetration to reliably do so.
Given the fact that has proven to be relatively immaterial in actual DGU incidents, it is relatively immaterial here also. Very, very few fights are decided based on getting "combat hits" as you describe.
I'm going to say that we don't know the outcome had their bullets not made contact. For you to assume that they still would have fled is as dishonest as me saying they would have fought on if not hit. We simply don't know either way even though you will now post your odds.
No need to post odds, you have made my point for me. WE SIMPLY DON'T KNOW EITHER WAY. Thus, you cannot claim the anecdote as any kind of proof. It is as dishonest for you to assume it mattered as for me to assume it didn't. I simply point it out because you keep bringing it up as some sort of evidence, which you now agree it is not.
But all of which suggests that precision hits are going to be difficult.
So what? All the evidence of DGUs indicates that precision hits are not needed to stop the BG.
BG movement further suggests that my caliber choice may be required to smash bone and penetrate deeply to force a stop.
There is that great big MAY again. You want to base your choice on what MAY happen, that is fine. But don't suggest others are wrong because they base their choice on what DOES happen.
However I am starting to believe that you don't understand the dynamics of a gun fight and what is required to stop a BG with a handgun.
Any time you want to put my experience, training, and expertise up against yours, let me know. I'm not too worried.
Nonesense? You are now capable of knowing my situation?
Don't have to know your situation. All I have to know is that it is a truism that when options are available, everyone compromises based on the criteria that they might think to be more important to them. You have chosen a G23 in .40. That is a smaller caliber than a selection in .45. It is also a smaller capacity than one would get with a 9mm of the same frame size. It is even a smaller capacity than with the G22. It is also a bigger gun to carry around than a G27. So you certainly could have selected other guns. But you choose the G23 because it gives you a nice compromise. Interesting, BTW, that the .40 is so often referred to as the "compromise" cartrdge!
Wonderful please explain to me how I have compromised considering I wouldn't stop carrying my man purse nor change my attire.
That also is a compromise.

As I am heading off to Jamaica for a couple of weeks, you may have the last comment for a while.
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