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IMHO, the MAIN thing a CCW class should teach is safe gun handling and the law. The law is complicated and can change so information on where to get the latest law info. should be provided.
To me anything beyond that in a CCW class is a bonus but those two should be at a minimum. For an experienced person such as former military the safe handling is good reinforcement but the laws should be for everyone. How much bad information on the law from experienced gunners do you get right here on this board. I think too many people get the basic CCW class and a defensive handgun or skills class confused.

As far as a first time handgun owner being restricted from getting a CCW I don't agree. However, I do think it would be nice if the people teaching the class actually evaluated the person's knowledge of gun safety and the laws taught and if a person could not pass a simple test they should NOT have a CCW.
I agree with this but there are many who won't. I do feel that once you step off your property and walk down the street a different set of rules apply. Just like with a a race car driver, I have no problems with them driving around the track or on private property at 200+ mph. However I don't think that they should be allowed to on the Interstate.
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