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Fundementals, fundementals, fundementals. It sounds like you are doing something with your non firing hand. It also sounds like trigger pull. Try doing this : Go to the range and have someone who knows what they are doing load the pistol for you. Have them put a round in the chamber at random (and make it so you dont know if there is a round in there or not) and you cock the hammer and shoot. If you are jerking the trigger it will def. show when there is no round in there. Jerking the trigger is one of the most common things I have ever seen when working with pistol shooters. Also try different methods of how to have your non firing hand. I prefer having my thumbs both down the left side of the pistol "pointing" towards my target. But see what works for you. I see some guys cross there thumbs but thats caused me nothing but problems. it all takes practice man. Hope this helps!!
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