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I would say that rule number one in a city like Atlanta would be to keep the windows rolled up and the doors locked. I'm from Los Angeles and we had a large number of purses stolen near LAX Airport. Women would pull up to a red light and some scuz ball would leap out from the bus stop and get the purse through the open window.

I doubt I would have shot the man but I would have made him think that I wanted to. I would love to take him for a little ride up to about 60 before he fell off. I wonder how fast he would have backed off if a warning shot went near his ear? I doubt he wanted to die and had nothing to live for. That's a bunch of bull. He just knew he could call the average whities bluff.

As I've said before on this board and many have challanged my thinking on this issue. If you do shoot in this instance, make sure you have a good story. "I drew my gun and he reached for it". It went off accidently. Who are they going to believe if you go before a jury?
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