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Escalation of force

Seems this was an ideal time for a can of Pepper Spray to be in the glove box next to your gun. Gun in one hand, pepper spray the attacker right in the eye. In this case you had the time to use a less than lethal force defense, along with driving away. pepper spray is not always the choice, but it does give you an alternative option.

I live in Texas also. I don't think we want to give the world a wrong impression of us- and the use of deadly force. we have good CCW laws that allow us to protect ourselves. Sometime we actually think before we shoot
we still should be thoughtful and use escalation of force, and as someone else frequently says-run screaming like a little girl ( not a lady) is frequently the best first choice, even in Texas if necessary we can and do treat our property as if it were the Alamo. We can fight when necessary, or we can buy you a beverage!
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