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At the spot where I shoot, (indoor range) the only way to pass brass into the next lane is to lean a bit too far out on the line, or if your gun ejects very high. I catch most of the brass from whatever I'm shooting on my own arms, after it bounces off the divider wall next to me. It's barely a sting, not enough to even break my stance in most cases. My P22 does get me every once in awhile, either ejecting a casing (or 10) in a perfect arc down the back of my shirt, or spitting casings directly back at my glasses repeatedly.

There was one unpleasant happening - a gentleman with a semiauto was rapid-firing down range, and every single one of his ejected brass casings came over the divider and bounced around in my stall. He saw where his rounds were ejecting, and got a genuine "Oh ****" look on his face. I let him know I wasn't bothered - doesn't take that much to step back from the line for a second to let someone finish a mag. I was firing the range rental .44 magnum, so I just took a well needed breather each time he emptied a mag.
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