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GrandmasterB: Highest possible reference

In looking over the Buy, Sell, & Trade forums, I noticed a Browning Hi Power holster offered by GrandmasterB. Through our communications, I learned he also had a double magazine pouch for sale. After a series of PMs, we struck a deal for both items.

The package arrived in the morning mail. The merchandise was exactly as stated, and in fact, was even better than claimed. The descriptions of both holster and mag pouch mentioned minor scuffs or carry marks. Frankly, I've bought brand new stuff right off gun shop shelves that was not in this good condition. The illustrations answered my questions about the gear, but really didn't do the condition justice.

It is my pleasure to give GrandmasterB the highest references on all aspects of our dealings: Clear communication, accuracy of description, good illustrations, fair pricing, and prompt shipping in a secure container. I've never owned anything made by M/D Enterprises, and it appears to be top quality.

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