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The right time to shoot

I just took a CCW course and the guy was a retired gunners mate in the navy and retired sheriff of 20 years and went through most possible scenarios for "when to draw". Although most states don't require you go to one of these classes to get your CCP, I HIGHLY advise you to go. There is a lot of methods and rules to be understood in your state. I'm from Va where its an open carry state (I could legally walk around with a pistol strapped in plain view and its legal). In Texas you can kill anyone on your property regardless. And for the most part in Florida you can shoot anyone who pretty much looks at you wrong. LOL

When it comes to drawing in that situation, you have to use one common rule. Flight, Fight, or Fire. If you are walking down the street and an old man is 20 yds away with a knife and you are a 23 year old football player, then you are obviously not in imminent danger. Having said that if you were a 115 girl walking down the street at night and 2 guys at 230 lbs each, grabbed you into an alley, you would have every right to blow them away. Also drawing at the wrong time could bring brandishing a firearm charges so be careful. Enjoy
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