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Then might one suppose that you are carrying a 6" N-frame .44 Magnum? Or maybe it is a Glock Model 21? Maybe a nice Desert Eagle?
Not suggesting carrying the biggest of the big just a caliber capable of smashing bones and causing massive blood loss. Considering the difficulty of getting combat hits on a moving fighting target, under the duress of a gun fight, one cannot assume with any degree of certainty a hit to the brain or upper spinal cord. Mouse gun calibers simply do not have the penetration to reliably do so.

OK, so let's see if I have this right. You are going to claim that in both of these cases the only reason the BGs left was because bullets penetrated an object. The fact that they found out their target had a gun and would shoot them didn't matter at all. Sorry, I really have to question that.
No I'm not going to claim that. I'm going to say that we don't know the outcome had their bullets not made contact. For you to assume that they still would have fled is as dishonest as me saying they would have fought on if not hit. We simply don't know either way even though you will now post your odds.

BTW, My uncle hit Florida's lottery despite 14,000,000 to one odds.

None of which changes based on caliber selection.
But all of which suggests that precision hits are going to be difficult. BG movement further suggests that my caliber choice may be required to smash bone and penetrate deeply to force a stop.

Fine, then don't carry one. But because you are unsure of your abilities and tactics is no reason to suggest others are wrong in what they select.
Not unsure of either. However I am starting to believe that you don't understand the dynamics of a gun fight and what is required to stop a BG with a handgun. Something that you might be forced to do when carrying is actually having to stop someone. Might be more unlikely than the already unlikely need to just show the gun to gain compliance however it is the reason most folks carry.

Nonsense. Each gun, each caliber, can have strengths and weaknesses. We all compromise within that selection process.
Nonesense? You are now capable of knowing my situation? Wonderful please explain to me how I have compromised considering I wouldn't stop carrying my man purse nor change my attire. My current carry gun is a Glock 23 which also wouldn't least not for the sake of a carry size compromise. If the crap hit the fan my gun of choice would be the G-23.
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