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Thanks for all the good viewpoints. I am mainly concerned with what DA would do with a case where an armed man shot an unarmed (?) man in his car.

I must address the multiple comments "if your not willing to pull the trigger, you shouldn't carry".

I agree, however, being military, several years ago, I pulled the trigger a lot. It was legal. I have no moral reservations about taking a life if necessary. I do if it is unnecessary.

The scenerio went down as:
1. wrong turn into "riot" area
2. drew pistol, just in case
3. man jumped in car.

I think "GVF" hit the nail on the head with the appropriate time comments.

I know a friend who shot a known murderer/rapist in his house, and the liberal DA tried hard to try him for manslaughter. We all cringe and cry foul, but I think you better be correct in the decision.

Thanks again for all the post.
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