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David, I'm not going to go round and round with you.
Sure seems like you are.
In my tests mouse gun calibers fired from the shorter barreled weapons are just not capable of penetrating similar objects to what was easily penetrated by heavier calibers.
So what? Unless you can show somehow that the penetration would make a difference, it doesn't matter. Of course, my test show a .22 zips right through most doors and car metal also.
That means my uncle wouldn't have been able to get his hit/hits and my friend would have had to fire more rounds and hope for the best.
OK, so let's see if I have this right. You are going to claim that in both of these cases the only reason the BGs left was because bullets penetrated an object. The fact that they found out their target had a gun and would shoot them didn't matter at all. Sorry, I really have to question that.
I have been taught that in a shoot out the one who hits first and hardest usually wins.
Then you have been taught about half right. First hits do matter quite a bit.
I have seen that the potential to miss increases with the pressure of a shoot out. I realize that good combat hits are going to be difficult to achieve on a moving shooting target. I understand that penetration angles might not be ideal given the BG's movement.
None of which changes based on caliber selection.
Relying on the puniest of cartridges, ones virtually incapable of smashing bone and continuing into the vitals, is just not for me.
Fine, then don't carry one. But because you are unsure of your abilities and tactics is no reason to suggest others are wrong in what they select.
You feel good with a mouse and thats fine.
No, I feel good with various rifles and shotguns. Virtually all handguns are weak. Fortunately, you don't need that much for most DGU incidents.
I'll argue my points you argue yours.
The basic difference is that my points tend to be based on facts while yours tend to be based on "what if."
It simply doesn't have what is needed to compete with the heavier calibers.
It's not supposed to compete with heavy calibers, it is supposed to provide protection during a DGU incident. It does that just fine.
If I'm gonna carry for the unlikely I might as well be ready with the biggest and best that I can conceal and control.
Then might one suppose that you are carrying a 6" N-frame .44 Magnum? Or maybe it is a Glock Model 21? Maybe a nice Desert Eagle?
My clothing would stay the same as would my carry gun choice were the laws different. What compromise? Only the law forces me to compromise.
Nonsense. Each gun, each caliber, can have strengths and weaknesses. We all compromise within that selection process.
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