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Originally Posted by Pahoo
I have read previous posts on the limitations of what young folks can shoot. We teach kids as young as eleven. This includes girls as well as boys. We load 40 grains of 777 in a .50 Bobcat. The point is that a young person should not have a problem shooting a .50 when properly instructed and supervised.

"Again, great job and post"

Be Safe
Exactly, my 6 year old is learning under my wing how to shoot archery & she has also shot my .22 Ruger Single Six as well as my .44 Pietta 58', she loves going out with me either the the range to shoot archery, or firearms or to fish out of the pond there, she also likes me taking her out to the hunt club to check for sign & just scout around.

I may get a brass nose cap soon.
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