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Pour yourself a pewter nose.
Years ago, an old Buckskinner showed me how to pour and fit a pewter nose cap and it would make a nice looking addition. I have made and fitted brass nose caps and this too would add to the looks as well as protecting your rod inlet. They make these as well and as handy as you are, it would not be a problem. I do find that when these projects get stretched out too long, I get impatient.

Had even a 10 year old that was there with his dad & grandad load & shoot it twice once even at full load "he did pretty well too."
I have read previous posts on the limitations of what young folks can shoot. We teach kids as young as eleven. This includes girls as well as boys. We load 40 grains of 777 in a .50 Bobcat. The point is that a young person should not have a problem shooting a .50 when properly instructed and supervised.

"Again, great job and post"

Be Safe
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