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bikerbill wrote:
quit carrying a Kershaw Chive a while back when the safety failed, the blade opened a bit in my pocket and I almost cut off a finger
Funny story:
I also have a chive. I used to carry it alot.
I never set the safety on any of my knives and it's never a problem - except for the chive. I don't like the safety because it defeats the purpose of an assisted-open knife.

A few years ago, while Christmas shopping, I was standing at the counter at store buying a gift for my wife. Upon reaching into my right front pocket to grab my bank card (I didn't carry a wallet at the time, just my card and ID in a pocket) I discovered my chive had popped open (again).

A more accurate way of saying this would be : Upon removing my hand from my pocket I discovered it was open.

When this happens the knife blade opens to about 45 deg, blade pointing downward.
At first I felt a burning sensation on the back of my hand, I kinda knew what had happened, but thought I just scraped the blade against my skin pretty hard.
As I gave the girl at the counter my card, I realized I had basically filleted the back of my hand, above my pinky.
It was one of those cuts that took a couple of seconds to start bleeding real good.
As she rung me up - which seemed like it took forever - I just tried to keep a straight face as blood ran down my finger and dripped onto their floor (bleeding alot at this point).
When I left and looked at it more closely, I realized I came extremely close to opening a large vein, which would have made it much harder to keep my cool.
Probably could have used a few stitches, but I don't know if they stitch flaps of skin like that.

The moral of the story:
Be careful with Ken Onion Chives!!
They seem to pop open in your pocket alot.
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