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I don't think it's paranoid at all to think about the construction of your new home with defense in mind.

I liked my old house better for that purpose. It was smaller. All of the bedroom windows were up high and difficult to access. An intruder would have been more likely to enter through a livingroom or kitchen window or a door. My bedroom opened out into the living room, my kids' room to my left, and anything coming for either of us would have to come through the livingroom. I could lie down in my bed and see anyone coming for our room. God forbid, if I ever had to shoot an intruder my kids' bedroom was well out of the line of fire and I had a concrete wall for a backstop.

I have a split plan now and there is almost no way I could shoot from my bedroom without endangering my kids. Maybe into the kitchen, but not the rest of the house. The windows sit lower and though they're better for fire safety they're easy to crawl into. I can't see out into the front yard except through a peephole in the front door and I have no way to move laterally from the door in an emergency, except into the garage if I have the garage door open.

Someone suggested that you should also consider natural disasters when building. After weathering three hurricanes in my new (2004) home, I can attest that is good advice. First I am glad my home is block, with a hip roof. The roof didn't even let out a creak, even in the strongest part of the storm. No leaks either, except at the doors, and my front door didn't leak after I clamped it shut.

After living a few weeks without power there are a couple of things I might do differently. I'd have a gas stove, a gas water heater, and maybe even a propane generator. I do keep a portable generator big enough to run my well pump, refrigerator and lights. I keep a small A/C wall unit in my bedroom window, and my gas grill with a couple of extra cylinders, and three or four gas cans.
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