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OK i have posted this before, but no one takes
a blind bit of notice of me , just like my wife
i made a mix of crisco and bees wax i cut about
3 blocks of bees wax about the size of suger cubes
the crisco comes in them two pack deal i use one
of them, melt both down then i mix it to a paste
then you are ready to go, i tried them wads a long
time ago, now i would not waste my cash, i like
makeing my own stuff for my bp eq its much more
fun, heck i made my own rb loader so i do not wear
out my rammer on the gun, and it did not cost but
75 cents, sometimes we have to pay out for the
good things in life, but there is sometimes a way
round things if you take time to look, but thats just
my way.
Sod Buster Tried To Pull On Willson.
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