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You are correct. But keep in mind my side in this debate supports both large and small calibers where ever applicable. My primary ccw is a double stacked 45. my favorite guns to carry when my 45 doesn't fit is a pm9 or my smith snub. If i owned lighter guns i would carry them occasionally too. I dont want people asking about my fanny pack or for my shirt to ride over the grip on a larger gun when jogging.. just dont want to think about it when its exercise time.

Your next argument would be this is silly because its a small caliber...but when i dont want to think about my gun i still have choices that are better than nothing. Lets face it, i love guns but i don't want to carry pounds of guns all the time...<15 ounces is fine for me in some situations... of course most other times i grab the heavy 10+1 45.

no one is saying smaller is better... we are saying smaller is sometimes more convenient and usually good enough. For the rare chance something extraordinary happens a peashooter is better than a pocket knife... I was trying to show this with my jello post earlier. Small bore does do it too... maybe not as well as large bore... but it gets there anyway. A bigger hole is a better hole in a SD situation but anything i posted above can make a hole that big enough for many(but not all) situations. Who is ready for any/everything anyway?

Try shooting a true mouse gun like NAA's mini revolvers, berettas 21, or any other "miniature" gun at the gelatin. There is a difference particularly in 22lr from ultra short barrels. Try shooting hard objects with them.

My NAA 22lr penetrates only 1 inch of a phone book. My Walther p-22 almost doubled that with the same loads.
This is a good point but people are a lot different from phone books. I recently reviewed handwritten confessions at work written by a murderer. Avoiding specifics with this...the murderer was quite successful at what he wanted to achieve and he was using a small gun.
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