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Well I have a few problems with this whole thread.

First I have had the exact oppisite experiance with Ed brown and I have purchased 4 1911's from the man. They have been nothing but superior in customer service even with a mistake that was my fault.

Furthermore my FFL speaks glowingly of how easy Ed Brown is to deal with.

Second I have to ask the OP, is he a FFL? If not then why accept the gun as a transfer if it's not what you wanted? I mean how hard of a concept is that?

Once the gun is transfered to you it's used; period end of story and the maker has to take a loss unless they are going to be a lowlife and sell it as new which I don't see Ed Brown doing. I suspect if you had not transfered it, then maybe they would be saying something diffirent as they could take the gun back form the dealer, get you whatever you want and be none the worse for wear save for some shipping charges.

However your execution of the transfer to some degree implies satisfaction.... you took delivery of the gun what more is there to understand? Even if they sent you the wrong gun... well you took delivery of it... I mean get real....

Lastly you spent how many kilobucks sight unseen and seemingly at will? This seems reckless at best. Now ranting about it does nothing to add to your case.
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