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Questions about Brownells Gun Kote

I have a new 1911 I've done work on IE dehoned entire pistol, put on a new beavertail safety and in doing so now need to refinish my pistol. Working on a budget I figured this Gun Kote might be the route to take could people give me some questions:
since it's a new gun would it be neccessary to have to strip this down and have it blasted or can I shoot right over the parkerizing if so will it adhere to the few bare metal spots that I have?
I read somewhere you dont need to sandblast you can submerse in muratic acid is this true if so does it really work,holdup and whats the procedure.
since I do have some bare metal spots does the entire pistol have to be reparkerized for this application? I'm hearing 2 different stories here about spray some are saying the can is fine others are saying it isnt you have to airbrush Believe the steps are: degrease,sandblast,parkerize,heat and spray,since this is a new pistol can I skip any of these steps? if I can my only concern is it adhereing to the bare spots from my dehoning. thanks for info and help in advance.
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