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Primlantah, Try shooting a true mouse gun like NAA's mini revolvers, berettas 21, or any other "miniature" gun at the gelatin. There is a difference particularly in 22lr from ultra short barrels. Try shooting hard objects with them.

My NAA 22lr penetrates only 1 inch of a phone book. My Walther p-22 almost doubled that with the same loads.

Those individuals who are stimulated by fear, adrenaline, drugs, alcohol, and/or sheer will and survival determination may not be incapacitated even if mortally wounded.
I have been trained to shoot for the pelvic girdle if torso hits fail to stop an adversary because of what you posted above. Many top flight trainers teach the same thing because it impacts the bad guys ability to move and because the femoral artery runs through this area.

Yet another reason to carry a caliber capable of smashing bone and penetrating deep.
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