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Agreed. No one opens their doors and has an amazing reputation, it takes time to develop. It also takes time to lose it, and that slide always starts with a single pebble.

But for reference, how many people on this particular board have thrown that kind of money down this particular hole? I personally wouldn't. If the $4k gun doesn't do anything a $100 gun doesn't do, then they've both got the same value to me.

If I wanted to complain about a part that failed on my indy car, I can't imagine I would receive too many corroborative stories or arguments based on real experience. That particular pool would be too shallow.

Simply put regardless of it being a $5 or $5000 item, especially an off the shelf item, an exchange to keep a customer happy is better business. If it was an actual custom and it ends up not working out, you're SOL and I hope it looks good on the wall.
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