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My custom Muzzle Loader for hunting - Lots of Pics

As some of you have read in my past thread I have re-acquired an old friend, my CVA Bobcat .50cal rifle.
A good shooter & just the right amount of barrel for brush hunting, not too short for a slight loss of power but not too long to make it hard to swing at a nice buck come season opener but this Plastic stock just makes it way too light weight for recoil handling & to me is just BUTT UGLY AS ALL GET OUT.

My thoughts were to find a nice wood stock & finish it to where I would have something that not only shoots good but also looks good too, well of corse CVA has not made this particular rifle in some time & finding some parts is a hit or miss & I wasn't in the mood to have to work on a blank piece of wood, but as I was looking I come across Traditions Deer Hunter rifle that for the most part it was a near identical weapon except that it has a 24 inch barrel to my 26 but it comes in Kit form!
A cupple of emails & a phone call had me a $40.00 wood stock coming my way.

Once I got the stock I started the rough fitting & I found a few minor issues, the Tang inlay as well as the Trigger Guard inlay was slightly longer than what I had with my parts & ofcorse it comes with that rubber butt plate.
I had planned to get a nice brass trigger guard & possibly a better looking trigger, gotten them from Track of the Wolf” & I'm toying with a few ideas on what to do about the slight difference in the Tang inlay area "either do a Dutch or see if a Hawken style hooked breach Tang will work with the Barrel that I have" & eventually I'm going to get a nice Brass butt plate to accommodate the rest of the look that I'm going after.
So far after 15+ hours of work & about $70.00 of Wood, Steel, & Brass I have a nearly finished piece that shoots quite well, I’ve temporarily screwed the rear area of the Guard to the stock till either I braze a plug & pin it there or I get a Hawken style Tang & run a screw to the guard Hawken style.

What do y-all think?
Anything I should do?
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