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Traditions is one of, if not the main Pietta importer. I have not heard about them selling revolver kits, but that doesn't mean that they don't.

You could become one of their distributors but I believe that it costs $ in fees, and that would require a certain level of business volume.
You might be better off trying to forge a personal relationship with one of the large distributors to obtain better prices. But even that might involve an order for a minimum number of guns, which would require you to arrange a "group buy".
There's Taylor's & Cimmarron Arms:



Cartridge Firearms require an F.F.L. (Federal Firearms License) and can only be purchased by Licensed Dealers who have a federal license.

You can obtain Navy Arms products at the best prices and service through your favorite firearms retailer.

If you are a firearms retailer with an FFL, you may contact one of our distributors. Click here for a list of Navy Arms distributors. If you are not a firearms retailer, you will need to contact a firearms retailer in your area, or follow the distributor links to find a retailer in your area. Only your firearms retailer can order a firearm for you from one of our distributors.

Navy Arms sells all replica firearms only through their firearms distributors, who then sell to the firearms retailer. A firearms distributor is someone who purchases large quantities of firearms/ammunition/accessories from manufacturers, then resells them in smaller quantities to firearms retailers. Firearms distributors do not sell to the general public. If you are not a firearms retailer, please do not contact one of our distributors as they do not sell to the general public.

If you wish, you can order certain muzzleloading firearms to be delivered to you from Old Western Scrounger.

Click HERE to be taken to the Old Western Scrounger catalog.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.
And don't forget the Euroarms USA distributors:

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