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theotherTexasRich- glad you made it out, man. I have to assume the moment it becomes a kidnapping, that is the time to get it on, they want you someplace isolated to dispose of you. I think you would have been right, in your what if replay, to drop a couple in both at the first stopsign out of town, guy to your left first. Why leave it to chance, when to anyone it appears to anyone you were about to be murdered.

I was accosted while unarmed, first offered crack, then these two guys demanded my wallet, returned it at finding it almost empty. Turns out in the end they escorted me to safer streets for a toll of 2 cigarettes, all the while one played mind games to the effect I thought I was sure I'd be killed, and was working out what to do and when. I was counting on a jumping at the least, but nothing I hadn't survived more than once. I was told I was alive because I looked like a cop. That position, without a peice, really somehow dampens your confidence to react. Looking back would have just been a half hearted attempt to not die cowering on my knees. Really bothers me, even though letting it play out it ended well.
When we first crossed paths, the one said 'Bust up, what's poppin''. Just found out what that meant a couple months ago, gave me the chills. This street about 3 months before had 5 murders, (5 shootings-1 wounding, 1 stabbing death) in one week. Dunno why I put myself in that position, having to walk thru the hood vs. risking a DUI or calling a cab. Never do that again.
That experience re-dedicated me to a survival mindset (and not doing stupid stuff that could get me killed).
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