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Uberti 1858 range report+observations

Hi folks, took the new Uberti[BU] to the range yesterday along with 3F Goex, #10&11 Remington caps and 454 round ball. First note 451 ball is WAY too small for the new Uberti. Didn't try to shoot any of them. Remington # 10 caps fit perfect and could use the #11 also as they were very close. Shot several cylinders with the #11's without any falling loose(not squeezed) and function was 100%. However #10's would be the ones for hunting/carry/action shooting, IMO. I weighed 28gr on my scale at home and loaded the cylinder prior to the trip with 454 ball. I only had 25 yard range to shoot at so I used that range. Wow, was I happy with the first cylinder. Group was 5-6" low but windage was perfect and group was 2-2.5ctoc"! Now I'm cheap so I was using an empty cartridge case (30 gr) for the loading at the range so all the rest my shooting was with measured charges. I didn't use wads(don't have any) just my homemade stuff that's thicker/harder than crisco ontop the balls. The 30 grain charge raised the ball impact to 4" low and the group opened up to 3-4" still centered perfect for windage!! Trigger pull is very light at less than 3# so I had to be careful not to get flyers. All shooting for target was benched resting on my arms. I shot several cylinders offhand at clay pigeons with 30% success at 25 yard. Tiny thin front sight is tough to see in full sunlight. This was my first time shooting a Remington copy but I've had several Pietta 1860 Colt copies. Remington is heavier and IMO harder to clean at home. That solid frame doesn't allow easy access to all the nooks and crannies that hold BP residue. The fit is very tight and I had to remove the cylinder and clean between each 12 round string as it tended to tighten up. I had removed the shipping oil and lubed with bore butter prior to the range trip. I shoot alot of pistols/revolvers and this Uberti is cake to shoot good/excellent. I was thinking of a conversion cylinder, but why? It shoots so good now and with the $ saved I figure I could shoot around 1500+ roundball. I have a feeling this Uberti will be looking well worn by the end of summer..........Mike

I forgot to mention; the Remington caps did not split apart at all. They just flaired out into a star and were spit out to the right when the next cylinder went into battery. This is great! No jams from these caps in this repro.

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