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As a victim of a carjacking and kidnapping 15 years ago, I can tell you that, when the gun is pointed at you point blank, you should NOT try to draw and fire. You will die. The only exception to this is if you feel that you are already about to be killed, and you have nothing to lose anyway. Even then, try to get the BG's gun pointed elsewhere before you try it.

The better way is to play it cool and not reveal that you have a CCW.

I had a .25 put to my cheek. I mean cold steel to flesh. Now you can argue all you want about how anything less than such-and-such caliber is useless, but wait until you have that .25 to your cheek. All of a sudden your perspective changes.

I was getting into my car when said gun was put to my cheek. He was to my left and slightly behind me. He said "Get in the back seat" and I did. As I was climbing over the seat he gave the gun to his buddy, who walked around the car and sat next to me in the back seat. BG #1 then started the car and began driving away. They robbed me of every item they could take, then left me out in the middle of nowhere. Alive, thanks to the grace and mercy of the Lord.

Now, let me explain. I was only 18 and lived in California. This alone made me an automatic victim (no CCW allowed). So, I had no gun anyway. But if I did things would have likely been different:

Assuming I was carrying a CCW, and tried to draw and shoot, I'd be dead. Or have real bad facial injuries. He was in a power position, just like a cop when they pull you over. I would have been better off waiting for just a minute. When he told me to get in the back seat he gave the gun to his buddy, who was outside of the car and going around. I could have drawn my gun then, waited until BG #2 got in the back seat, and put one round right in his head. Then, with BG #1 sitting in front of me, weaponless, put one in his head from behind. Game over. I win.

Now for those of you who will say, it's illegal to shoot an unarmed man, I agree. But I've gone over this scenario in my head quite a few times and I always shoot him. How do I know he is unarmed? What's to stop him from pulling out pistol #2 and shooting me? Either way, better to be judged by 12, yada yada yada.

Every situation is different. If you feel that your life is in immediate danger, draw and shoot. But sometimes it's better to play it cool. Use your hidden CCW to your advantage.

Finally, I'm always saddened to see people get killed without putting up any defense whatsoever. If the BG has a gun to you and is showing signs he's about to kill you, by all means fight tooth and nail to stop him. You are never completely unarmed. Kick, punch, scratch, spit. Anything to disorient him. You might still win.
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