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I don't know about that. I've been in the middle of two fights in two days, after getting the police to walk me to my car...and last night couldn't sleep...

Problem is, I don't think people realize the stress such situations put you under. I had kids in San Francisco that had to go across 4-6 other gangs territories to get to school.
With the adrenal dump they would get just trying to survive getting to school, and home again, it's a miracle they learned anything. Some of them would just pass out, and go to sleep, and you couldn't really wake them up.

I think this is part of the keep your mouth shut problem Goetz had...

Also, Goetz shot so fast, when he started to shoot, I'm sure all of the guys were coming at him. However, once commited, and getting off 5 shots in less then 2 seconds, the possibility that a target started facing you, and, is going to react to the blast and turn is highly likely. Similar stuff happens in police shootings, and everyone understands it, except people that haven't interviewed officers after shootings, or been through such stuff.
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