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Close as I can put it is, Goetz sounds like someone with post traumatic stress disorder, and fools that don't recognize it, judging him...
Good luck in getting off on a shooting by claiming PTSD. That is indeed a most difficult defense to make.

I don't think that many here are judging Goetz to the point of making him about to be a bad person. It is not a matter of whether he was "good" or "bad".

I think it is more that Goetz hurt himself by some of his own actions. Certainly talking so much with the police was a dumb move on his part. I know that if I am ever in a self-defense shooting, I am going to get a lawyer immediately. That is the smart thing for anyone to do.

Likewise, making those racial slurs years before was very dumb also. Just look at how the words of Mark Fuhrman were used by OJ's defense team in his murder trial. It diverts attention from the central issues, and raises concerns about whether the person's real motivation was racial.

If Goetz had never made the racial remarks, and had immediately demanded to have a lawyer, he would be better off than he is today.

Remember that during his confession to police, Goetz made this statement about himself: "I was a monster".

And his second shot into Darrell Canby certainly is difficult to defend. That second shot is what cost him dearly in the civil lawsuit, as it was the one that struck him in the spine.

And he shot two, not just one, of the criminals in the back.


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