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"My machine gun use is limited..."
This is probably the main reason many think the shotgun is better, they have no real experience or training with a SMG to know their advantages.

....that there is nothing about a subgun that will make holes magically appear in a target.
Very true, but with just a mag or two of proper training, you can teach small statured adults and even small children to shoot a pistol caliber SMG effectively. Many people have difficulty with a 12 ga, especially using full house loads.

Subguns, however can go from a multi-round weapon to a precision weapon out to moderate distances simply by going to semi-auto, and the ones that fire from a closed bolt are usually very accurate...
This is one of the biggest advantages to the SMG. They offer a more useful weapon over a broader range, and one that is more easily and quickly reloaded. They are also usually in a much handier and easily wielded package.

12ga 00 buck one trigger pull vs smg. 1 shot 9 bullets vs 9 shots 1 second?
One shot of 00 buck or a two to three shot burst of 9mm, the effects are the same. Solid, multiple instantaneous hits shut the CNS down. You dont need nine 9mms. Stretch the range just a little, say out across the yard at 30 yards or so, how many rounds of 00 buck will it take and with what consistency can you make those shots?

Personally, I keep #1 buck in my shotguns. Using 2 3/4" shells, 00 usually carries 9 .33 caliber pellets, where #1 buck will carry 16 .30 caliber pellets, usually with a heavier load to boot. Your longer range hit probability goes up where its needed in rounds that are quickly running out of steam.
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