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One guy did have an ice pick or some sort of weapon on him. I think that his mistake was to "gloat" during his emotional statements to the NYPD.

I wasn't there but to think that they weren't a threat to him is ludicrous.

I believe his ordeal stemmed from POLITICS - racial (don't cry racism on this one because I'm "Black") and otherwise. His statements which I recall didn't assist him either.

The shooting: the human startle response will produce a pause or paralysis response to those not accustomed to gunfire. So they were stationary for perhaps two or three shots before they would attempt to flee for cover or return fire.

I don't know how I would have proceeded; probably just has he did. It's very difficult to predict. One could say, "Road House Rules": everyone gets one before anyone gets two. Well, if they don't move that may be true. I cannot provide you any meaningful response here.

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