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Okay, Boris Bush, I don't want to keep hijacking this thread, so this will be my last post on the subject. A quick search turned up some authority to back me up regarding stabilization at distance, see below. I do not dispute that the 5.56 tumbles on impact up close, in fact that was what I was saying, at least in part. Anyway, this guy puts it a lot more scientific than I can, seeing as how this was background for his patent application.

In addition to the tendency of the M855 and the M193 projectiles to breakup at short ranges upon entry into the target such projectiles have limited lethality or incapacitation effects at longer ranges due to the high Sg or gyroscopic stability factor as a result of the mass moments of inertia of the high-density core filler material and the low length to diameter ratio. Projectiles such as the M855 or the M193 if they do not break up upon entry into the target as represented by 10% Ordnance gelatin they will typically turn over once (yaw 180 degrees) and continue to move through the target base first.
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