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regarding the original question, i believe the rule of thumb when confronted by multiple attackers is to turn and run. if they pursue you the odds are pretty slim they'll reach you at the same time. in this way you can deal with them one at a time - whichever one is the fastest runner first. and if they don't pursue you then you avoid the conundrum.
Or you may just catch a bullet in the back. They've already proved themselves too lazy to work, why shouldn't you believe they're too lazy to chase you?

I've never had a problem with Bernie. Personally I think he was railroaded. To you native New Yorkers, best of luck getting your rights back. As for me, I live too close in proximity to the same type of thing. I don't plan to be here forever. But I will also always do my best to protect myself and mine. My neighborhood has already twice had to take our streets back. I'm sure it will happen again.
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