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Never was, or is, my intention to open a :Colt bashing post."

It's just my opinion on some Colt products, even the 1911 had, and has, some problems; but you'll find this with Ruger too.
I just have this opinion of Colt; Colt has made some very fine products, but with some I've noticed design features not to my liking but that's just me, not everybody.
Ruger, at first, with the Blackhawks had some real alignment problems and some timing problems; I wrote Ruger about it and Bill Ruger himself sent me a personal letter that I treasure to this day.
I really, really, just expressed my opinion. Sorry if I offended anyone. Yea, I was guilty of hyperbole initially, but that's just ole Harry B..
I did not mean anything demeaning or personal - I probably like some guns you guys absolutely hate.
Harry B.
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