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I mean, if you weren't accosted yesterday or the day before or the year before that or the decade prior then it CAN'T happen tomorrow, right???

I will go to my grave believing that one should take the pistol that one shoots best (and, NO, I'm not speaking about a Ruger Mk II). If it's a 1911 or a M&P9 or a Glock 19 then for God's sake carry it. If you can't take a defensive pistol class and put 500 rounds through that one day course and you can't shoot 200 rounds at a sitting with it then... why have it? It's not likely that you/me/we will RISE to the occasion. I don't accept that. Not at all. No practice, no results. Little practice, poor results.

A dog doesnt have to be shot and killed if it chases you. A water bottle with ammonia will likely deter a dog.
LIKELY is the operative word. I wouldn't bet my well being on "likely" and neither should you. And we're not talking about "chasing" you. We should be looking at worst case scenarios. How about being ATTACKED by a dog nearly your own size? An example: When I was a kid I bought myself what we called "a genuine article": a gamebred American Pit Bull Terrier. He weighed about 70 lbs grown but I usually kept him at about 62 lbs by running him on a treadmill and on the road since I ran track and enjoyed running and let's face it: who will try you?? Well our postman (a close friend of the family) was ill and the replacement worker was deathly afraid of dogs. My dog would always bark at the postman even though there was no ill intent. We had the postman give him a vanilla wafer that we kept on the window ledge. But if you don't know dogs and are afraid of them, well, it's all "aggression", right? Well, Nimrod the replacement postal worker pepper sprayed because he was barking at him at the fence. It's a damned good thing I was home because by the time I got outside he had broken through the wires of the chainlink fence large enough to get almost all of his shoulders through and he was trying mightily - to good effect - to get at the terrified postal employee. By the time I grabbed him by essentially "the waist" his shoulders were through... and there would have been HELL to pay had I not gotten there in time. There's no doubt in my mind what would have happened if 62 pounds of lean, motivated Pit Bull got his highly pissed off jaws on that guy. He wet himself. I wanted to beat the Hell out of him but instead called the police.

It may seem "extreme" but feces happens, fellas. You've no idea what's just around the corner and neither do I. But rest assured just as there are predatory humans in this world there are predatory dogs, too. And just because you've not been bitten (yet) does not mean that you'll finish your life without one.

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