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Truth is, Harry, I asked for information regarding fixing a Colt Woodsman, not a diatribe on how foolish I must be for owning one. Fact is, there are some very serious Woodsman collectors out there, but I guess they're all fools and (yes, I know it has military and historical ties) the genuine Colt 1911 is one of the most sought after handguns on the planet.

I'm not a big fan of the brand myself and I have no objection if you wish to start a new Colt bashing thread - in fact, given my current circumstances, I might join you.

Since you brought it up, I'm not a big fan of the AR, or any of the other "black rifles, either. No, I'm not anti AR, I just don't have the desire and don't feel the need to own one. But that's also fodder for another thread,.

Do you know how to fix this Woodsman?.............tog
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