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Originally Posted by primlantah
I have known some unsavory types and the only guns they have ever fired were .32 or less.
At the end of the day, don't you guys really feel that there are "horses for courses"?

"Unsavory types." If I was shooting for money, I'd take my Ruger 22/45 anytime. I've probably fired that pistol more than any other gun I have ever used. I don't think I could miss.

If I was in an IPSC style match utilizing scoring by maximum or minimum calibers, I'd use a Tussey pistol. Those are built to that kind of spec.

Varmint shooting? I have a flat-top with a Shilen barrel.

And truth be told, sometimes if I hear a bump in the night, I take a knife--and I leave the lights off.

But I feel I have to address the OP in somewhat of a traditional manner for the purposes of the thread. To that end, I'd carry a CZ 83. I could sweat on it, drop it, fend off dogs, take on multiple aggressors and not feel a pang when the arresting officer took it as evidence.

I even have a nice comfortable Bianchi holster for it that dates from the late 1970's.
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